Bridging care transition between hospital and home.
iGetBetter leads the way.


Use standard or custom care plans for any indications in just minutes.


Patients and clinicians stay engaged through daily care plan interactions.


iGetBetter's care plan guidance and monitoring helps reduce readmissions.

iGB Webinar Series

Episode 1: Can patient engagement in their own post-discharge care improve outcomes and reduce readmissions?

iGB Webinar Series

Episode 2: How Care Plans can Improve Population Health Management & Reduce Per Capita Cost

iGB Webinar Series

Episode 3: Can shared care transition among clinicians & family improve outcomes?

iGB Partners

Through our strategic partnerships with companies like Validic we can provide comprehensive coverage utilizing existing infrastructure and devices.

CCH + iGB Study

Summary of 2013 CHF Study Conducted with Partners Healthcare Center for Connected Health

iGB Medical Informatics

"Improving Quality of Care and Reducing Readmissions" poster Presented at Medical Informatics World 2014 Conference