Bridging care transition between hospital and home.
iGetBetter leads the way.


Use standard or custom care plans for any indications in just minutes.


Patients and clinicians stay engaged through daily care plan interactions.


iGetBetter's care plan guidance and monitoring helps reduce readmissions.

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iGetBetter and GoodLux Technology have partnered to tackle the combination of depression with chronic conditions that an overwhelming number of patients experience.

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iGB Webinar #4: "Reducing Cost in ACOs: Managing Depression with Comorbid Conditions." — Thursday, February 12 | 12:00-12:45 PM ET

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iGB and SunSprite - our first partnership to provide a clinical backend for a consumer wearable device
A blog post from Win Burke, iGetBetter CEO

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Summary of 2013 CHF Study Conducted with Partners Healthcare Center for Connected Health

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