We are iGetBetter

iGetBetter was founded by a team at OPED USA with the guiding principle that rehabilitation recovery is personal. We know this, because OPED helps patients everyday with their recovery—and we know it can be better.

Winfried A. Burke: President & CEO and Co-Founder

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Win began working with Stephan and Christian on the iGetBetter project as an advisor several years ago, and became the CEO of iGetBetter, Inc. when it was established in February, 2013. Win is a serial high tech entrepreneur experienced in building early stage companies. His previous experience includes six early-stage companies, most recently as CEO of Incentive Targeting, which was sold to Google. Other early stage companies include Bungee Labs (Co-Founder & CEO); ViryaNet (CEO, successful IPO); ViewSoft (SVP of Sales & Marketing, sold to Citrix); ObjectLink (Founder and CEO, sold to SunSoft); and Oberon Software (SVP of Sales & Marketing, sold to OnDisplay). He is also experienced in larger company operations, having held senior executive sales and marketing positions at Orbotech, Gentia Software, Applix, Wang Labs, Apollo Computer and Prime Computer. Following his training as an EE/Computer Scientist at MIT, Win began his career as a software engineer at MIT Draper Labs, MIT Lincoln Labs and Data General. Win’s healthcare IT experience includes selling IT systems to hospitals while at Wang Labs and operational support systems to healthcare system vendors such as GE Healthcare while at ViryaNet, as well as participating as a staff member of the joint Harvard-MIT HST program course HST.921 "Enabling Technology Innovation in Healthcare and the Life Sciences". Win is a PSIA certified part-time ski instructor at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire.

Stephan Habermeyer: Executive Chairman and Co-Founder

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Stephan started his education and career as a mechanical engineer. His first employment in 1986 was with IBM, where his sales and marketing pedigree was developed. He started out as a system engineer, held various positions in sales and marketing and was promoted to worldwide business unit manager for the IBM/SAP joint venture. Stephan earned his MBA degree at IMD Lausanne, Switzerland in 1992, which is when he launched his entrepreneurial career. While at IMD, Stephan co-founded OPED AG, a highly innovative orthopedic device company, which today employs 300 people and is still privately owned. He led OPED AG for 10 years as CEO; his main expertise and talent being funding, as well as the sales and marketing aspects of the business. Stephan developed the concept of providing standardized outpatient care plans, which revolutionized OPED’s sales approach—it sold comprehensive "treatment solutions" rather than mere medical devices. These care plans were the impetus for iGetBetter. In 2005, Stephan moved to Boston to start distribution of OPED products in the US, which is also when he and Christian Marten began formulating the idea of creating online care coordination plans. Under Stephan's stewardship, the iGetBetter project progressed successfully, culminating in the establishment of iGetBetter, Inc. in January, 2013. Today, Stephan owns and oversees OPED USA, is a board member of OPED AG, and continues to be actively involved with iGetBetter's strategy and vision.

Christian Marten: COO and Co-Founder

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Christian studied Bioengineering at the University of Rostock, Germany, and the Kolff Laboratory at the University of Utah in the U.S. After his graduation from college in 1995, he joined the infant OPED in Germany as a sales manager, where he was essential in laying the foundation for the company’s success. Christian's focus then turned to international sales with travel around the world. In 2000, Christian moved to the U.S. to start the distribution of OPED products. In 2005, he joined Stephan in Boston, MA and together they streamlined OPED for success. As Managing Director and COO at OPED USA, Christian has gained comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the medical device business. Extensive travels throughout the U.S. brought him into many hospitals and physicians' offices, leading to countless discussions with healthcare professionals and also patients about healthcare. Based on his experiences, Christian created the first product concept for iGetBetter and our namesake. Christian led the development of the application from concept to usable product, which resulted in the establishment of iGetBetter, Inc. where he is responsible for the functional evolution of the product, as well as driving the introduction and operational deployment with customers.

David Lebudzinski, MD: Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder

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David Lebudzinski, M.D. began working with the iGetBetter project as a consulting physician in early 2012. David received his undergraduate degree from the College of the Holy Cross with a major in physics. He received his medical degree from the University of Massachusetts in Worcester and completed his internship in Internal Medicine at UMass followed by additional training in Diagnostic Radiology. David departed from traditional clinical medicine in 1999 to offer personalized patient medical education. Dr. Lebudzinski is officially retired from formal clinical practice. He provides general clinical guidance to iGetBetter and acts as a liaison with active clinicians who approve and assign the care plans for their patients.

Ken Accardi: CTO and Co-Founder

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Ken Accardi began working with the iGetBetter project in 2011 as a technical consultant, and is the CTO of iGetBetter, Inc. He is responsible for the design and implementation of the iGetBetter software products. Ken is a serial entrepreneur in the Healthcare IT space. He is co-founder and CTO of Ankota, Inc, a health care software company, deployed via SaaS and serving the home care market. He also consults as CTO for Veritas Health Solutions. Ken is the CIO in Residence at the incubator company MedNest, LLC and focuses primarily on eHealth, Healthcare IT, HIPAA compliance and FDA compliance related to software. Ken held vice president roles in Tele Atlas (sold for $4B in 2007) and ViryaNet (IPO in 2000). Ken grew up in his career at GE Healthcare where he was global CIO of the GE Healthcare Services division. Ken brings 20 years of experience in health care and mobile work force optimization technologies with an MBA from Babson College, a MS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, and a BS in Engineering from Bucknell University.