Reducing hospital readmissions echoes what Mark Twain said about the weather...

everyone talks about it, but nobody does anything about it.

iGetBetter Takes Action;
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  • Do you want to avoid CMS readmission penalties?

  • Are you enrolled in a shared risk payment model?

  • Do you want to address your readmission issue today?

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"Improving Quality of Care and Reducing Readmissions" Presented at Medical Informatics World 2014 Conference

Start reducing readmissions today with the iGetBetter care transition solution!

Now. Be operational within days. iGetBetter is already in use at local hospitals.

Simply. Clinicians easily connect to our cloud-based system with a Web browser or iPad app.

Inexpensively. Pay either a fixed monthly fee for active patients with their own care plans, or include us in your shared risk model and share cost savings with us.

Noninvasively. Our cloud-based system is outside your institution’s IT firewall, and requires no installation, integration or support from your IT team.

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"Triple Aim Care Transitions" — Episode 1 - Now Available for Download

David Lebudzinski, MD

Can patient engagement in their own post-discharge care improve outcomes and reduce readmissions?

Download our webinar recording from Wednesday, May 21 featuring our Chief Medical Officer, David Lebudzinski MD discussing:

  • Why our definition of active patient engagement can drive improved care transitions, patient outcomes and reduced readmissions
  • Early indications from our pilot studies
  • An example implementation

iGetBetter In Action at Massachusetts General Hospital

The Center for Connected Health enrolled 20 Congestive Heart Failure patients from Massachusetts General Hospital to take part in a feasibility study of the iGetBetter system. Each patient was enrolled for 90 days and given home care plan instructions via iGetBetter software. They were taught how to use a wireless scale and a blood pressure cuff coupled to an iPad Mini to monitor their daily weight, blood pressure, heart rate, as well as report their daily medication compliance and activity level. [Read Study Overview]