Our first hospital pilot converts to a commercial deployment

Brockton Hospital, part of Signature Healthcare, was the first healthcare provider to pilot the iGetBetter care transition system in an operational environment.  It was used in their Homeward Bound program to assist 20 patients who were suffering from congestive heart failure (CHF) and were considered at high risk for readmission.

The Brockton Hospital Homeward Bound program has been very successful, and has received some well-deserved publicity (http://www.patriotledger.com/article/20140407/News/140407126).  In the US, the national rate of readmission within 30 days for CHF patients is 23%.  As reported in the above article, the Brockton Hospital Homeward Bound program has been able to substantially lower the readmission rate for their CHF patients.  For the 20 patients that were included in the iGetBetter pilot, the results were even better:  there were no CHF-related admissions (0%) - not just within the 30-day window that CMS and private payors track readmissions, but over the entire 6 months of the pilot.

Based on these results, Signature Health has agreed to become a commercial customer, and the pilot program has transitioned to a normal operational deployment. The Homeward Bound program has already increased the number of CHF patients actively using the iGetBetter application to 24, with more to come, and the Signature Healthcare CEO has expressed interest in extending the use of the iGetBetter system beyond CHF patients to patients with other acute conditions.

The staff of the Homeward Bound program at Brockton Hospital are extremely dedicated and effective, and have been wonderful partners during the pilot.  We look forward to a long collaboration with them and their colleagues at Signature Healthcare.

Win Burke, President & CEO