Patient Al Update

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Patient Al (my father) is an iGetBetter test patient with a number of comorbidities who has graciously allowed us to test a number of new biometric devices and features of the iGetBetter system with him.

He recently had surgery to remove a tumor from his brain.  This tumor had been treated with radiation, but was not dissolving rapidly enough and pressure was being created that resulted in some neurological symptoms.  Often brain surgery is not an option for an 85-year old person, but he is unusually strong for his age, and his care team concluded he could tolerate the surgery. His level of strength is to some extent the result of his care team and family members managing and monitoring his multiple care plans with iGetBetter, and Patient Al's high level of engagement in his own care.

Patient Al had surgery on Wednesday, January 14.  The procedure was very successful, and there are no residual neurological symptoms.  He was released from the hospital on Saturday, January 17, spent a week at a rehab center undergoing physical therapy to regain his strength, returned to his home on Saturday, January 25, and has resumed his normal life - including engaging with his iGetBetter care plans, which we are, of course, closely monitoring.

Patient Al is like the old Timex watch commercial - he takes a licking but keeps on ticking.

Win Burke, President & CEO