Major System Update and Feature Rollout

Today we released one of the most expansive updates to the iGetBetter™ system to date. It is the culmination of months of planning and hard work AND if all has gone right, you won’t even notice. Our development team has completely re-worked our backend database to make way for future functionality/development and added unparalleled speed and responsiveness to our system.

iGetBetter™ is the only functional and 100% agile care transition software on the market. We’ve used customer feedback to build a user-friendly, high-powered care delivery platform that can reduce workload and patient hospital readmissions.

One update we hope you don’t miss is the newly designed care plan creator and editor tool. This powerful tool is extremely responsive and boasts an automatic saving feature. If you are suddenly pulled away you don’t have to worry about lost work. We’ve added a timeline view so you can quickly assess a care plan and see how it will unfold over time. The “Stack” view allows you fast access to all the cards assigned to your patient or specific care plan you’d like to edit. You can apply quick filters to only view “reminders,” “activities” and/or “measurements” or single out a specific card using the “search” feature.

We’ve updated the presentation of patient information for easy updating and editing including editing a patient’s user name when necessary. In addition to major updates we’ve gone through the entire system and made smaller, less noticeable changes. For example, we’ve added dynamic scaling throughout the clinician interface so you view data more easily (patient list, patient alerts & view progress items).

If you’d like to learn more about the updates we’ve made please contact us today to set up a 30-minute presentation with our CMO, Dr. David Lebudzinski.

- Jeremy Bonaventura, Product Marketing Director