iGB's Annual Ski Day - another great event!

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We had our 3rd annual iGetBetter Ski Day this past Monday, January 25.  As before, it was held at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire.  Participating were iGB team members and contractors with family and friends, as well as partners, hospital clients and investors.

It was a spectacular New England winter day, with temps in the mid-30s and not a cloud in the deep blue sky.  Although snowfall has been sparse so far this winter, the snow conditions were surprisingly good - Loon has a massive, high-tech snowmaking system, and the results were evident.  As we have in the past, we split into several groups of similar abilities guided by Loon ski instructors, and were well taken care of by the Loon customer service and food & beverage staff, with our own private meeting and dining area in Babe's Bar on the second floor of the Governor's Lodge.

As is typical on a Monday, there were very few other skiers on the mountain, and we could really let the skis go and fly!  Very unlike weekend skiing.  It was also a great opportunity for all the members and stakeholders of iGetBetter's ecosystem to get to know each other and make connections.  It is amazing how much one can learn and accomplish on a chair lift ride.

For me, the annual ski day is especially fun.   Not only is it satisfying as the CEO to get everyone together for such a positive and healthy outdoor activity, but also as a long time part-time Loon ski instructor, I get to be one of the ski school instructor/guides, and Loon pays me to go out and have fun with the iGB group!  (I am happy to report that I have received a raise since last year's event - from $11.38/hour to $11.63/hour.)

A photo of some of the participants is attached.

Win Burke, President and CEO