iGetBetter App Update - Version 05112016

iGB Release 05.11.2016

Clinician App

NEW Function - Drag and drop custom sort orader for care plan cards

  • Allows the clinician to quickly order measurements, activities and reminders within their respective category

NEW Function - Multiple clinician accounts

  • Institutions and organizations are now able to assign clinicians under an umbrella account allowing for better auditing and security

NEW Function - Added “Manage Invitations”

  • Manage invitations from clinicians, patients and patient-family members.

NEW Function – Expiring care plan alerts

  • Added alerts for expiring care plans to the “Patient Alerts” section that provides all patients with a care plan expiring in the next 7 days and provides quick access to extend the care plan

Manage annotations

  • Clinician annotations include the original author’s name with timestamp
  • The original author can make addendums to their original note with name and timestamp included
  • Other clinicians with access can make addendums as well with name and timestamp included
  • Annotations can be removed from the “active” tab and restored from the “archive” tab – The clinician name and timestamp for this activity is included

Simplified registration process for invited clinicians

  • When a clinician or institution invite a new care team member to their account, who does not already have an iGB account will be automatically enrolled into that institution by virtue of creating their account

Care plan editor tools

  • Moved editor tools to an expandable modal window

Care plan editor “stack view”

  • Drag and drop cards from the card library into patient’s care plan

Removed “delete all cards” functionality from patient care plans to ensure that data is not lost. Cards can be archived and restored


Organized all patient lists by “active” and “inactive”

View Progress – data window limited to 6-month (185 day) increments


Data export – annotations and all addendums are included in exported data


Patient App - Advanced User UX

Message center

  • Updated to allow patient to “cc” the message being sent to their associated email account

View Progress

  • Table view updated to provide a better viewing experience across platforms (small screen to larger screens)

NEW - Patient App - Basic User UX

  • A brand new, simplified interface that provides only the most necessary functionality for a patient: Daily instructions & log progress
  • The basic interface features large text and buttons to accommodate an older population or those with poor eyesight or motor skills

For more information or to set up a brief demo please contact us at info@igetbetter.com