iGetBetter — Version 3.2 Release Notes

iGetBetter Version 3.2
Release Date: March 16, 2015

Since my last post we've been developing a new admin interface for our technical support team to utilize when helping our customers. It's a big upgrade to the way we're able to investigate potential issues, allowing us to better differentiate between a patient who is having trouble with a device not transmitting data to the iGetBetter system and a patient who is simply non-compliant.

Additionally, we took this opportunity to use a brand new GUI framework. A major overhaul is coming to the clinician dashboard in coming weeks and the admin interface was the first step in researching how we'd like to update the system. Using Bootstrap and AngularJS we now know that we can develop and deliver an extremely responsive dashboard for our clinician users. But...you'll have to wait a little while longer for the full details of that project.

The release of iGB Version 3.2 includes several bug fixes to both the patient and clinician dashboards associated with our recent system upgrades and removed several extraneous features. We added the new SunSprite Depression Management Care Plan and functionality to the system which involved some new mechanics within iGB and integration on the Validic side.

For patients suffering from macular degeneration and/or other vision related ailments we created an "extra large font" to help accommodate their needs (it increases almost all elements within the iGB patient dashboard by 170% over our "standard" view).

Until next time,
Jeremy Bonaventura, Director of Product Marketing

Admin Dashboard

  • Developed new admin dashboard for enhanced customer technical support

Clinician Dashboard

  • Plan Editor
    • Removed "start and end time" - outmoded feature
    • Bug Fix: Care plans could not be shared due to a security layer issue
    • Create measurement types for each Validic endpoint we capture and update the logic to look at the measurement type instead of being dependent on the "card" name
    • Added SunSprite measurement type
  • Patient Information
    • Added ability for clinician to add/update patient email address
  • Bug fix: Updated notification handler that contacts new patients to reflect system changes that were causing emails to be sent to patients who had not accepted iGB registration yet

Patient Dashboard

  • Added SSL certificate to login screen
  • "View Progress" Updates
    • Data is now displayed with current date first (i.e. March 16 - March 10)
    • Simplified "top level" data view - Now only displaying the date, most recently logged data and "data points" bubble indicating how many measurements have been taken on a given date
    • Annotation questions are displayed as a header on the data detail page with patient answers inline with the recorded measurement and time stamp
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause data to not be displayed
  • "Log Missed Progress" has been renamed "Log Yesterday's Data" to make it clearer to patients that they are only able to log missed data for the previous calendar day
  • Created an additional "extra large font" view that allows the patient to view text and buttons at +170% of the "standard view"
    • Only available on larger devices - Cannot be accessed via mobile phone. The user will see a warning message asking him/her to access iGB from a tablet or computer
  • New drop-down response type to provide quantified answers to scaled questions (i.e. "1 = out of breath with running, hiking, swimming or vigorous exercise")

Validic Updates

  • Updated notification handler to put hits into queue and created new operation to process the hits
  • Create fail-safe mechanism that uses latest.json endpoint to capture cases where Validic notification mechanism fails
  • Added support to capture SunSprite data