iGetBetter — Version 3.1 Release Notes

iGetBetter Version 3.1
Release Date: February 16, 2015

Over the past 14 months we have been very busy working to develop an entirely new patient dashboard that would be able to replace our existing "desktop" interface and allow users to use one interface across all platforms. As of Monday, February 16 this is now a reality. The iGetBetter patient dashboard is now the most feature-rich interface we have ever released.

We've also been working on a lot of performance enhancements and changes to the clinician dashboard. We've streamlined the "create new patient" feature and overhauled the "View Progress" section. Clinicians can now annotate patient data, view all progress data in one convenient data table and export user data to an Excel file by clicking on a simple text link.

We've involved our customers and end-users in our development process in order to create a system that matches their real needs. While this is certainly not our first major update to iGetBetter, this marks the biggest change to our system since the start of 2014. Moving forward we will continue to publish release notes to let you know about bug fixes, new features and more.

Thanks for reading.
Jeremy Bonaventura, Director of Product Marketing

Patient Dashboard

  • Consolidated patient GUI – One GUI is now used for all devices and systems (mobile phone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer)
  • Added ability to log progress for previous calendar day
  • Added ability to make data annotations
  • Added “large font” option — Patients can magnify font and button size via toggle button is user settings
  • Added ability to remove care team members from patient account
  • Added ability to remove family members from patient account
  • Updated various design elements
  • Updated login portal
  • Performance enhancement to login

Clinician Dashboard

  • Updates to “View Progress”
    • Merged “Monitor Alerts”, “Measurements”, “Activities”, “Medications”, “Questions and Forms” and “Surveys”
    • One table is now displayed with all progress items.
    • Data outside acceptable range are highlighted in red
    • Added ability for clinician to make and manage annotations to patient data
    • Added info graphic to table to display when an annotation has been made on a given day
    • Added simple text link for exporting patient data to Excel document
    • In cases where there is only 1 item we removed the “1” bubble but the “+” bubble remains to allow the clinician to view more details
  • Updates to “Plan Editor”
    • Removed - Reason: No longer needed - replaced by editable "slider"
      • “Sleep” measurement type
      • “Pain threshold” measurement type
      • “Nausea” measurement type
      • “Comfort” measurement type
  • Added ability for clinician to set min/max values to create custom default slider (1 is bad, 10 is good) scale and reverse slider (1 is good, 10 is bad) scale
  • Performance enhancement to “Create New Patient” routine. Load time is now 2-3 seconds.
  • Updated login portal