September 4 Software Update Release

Yesterday we deployed our latest software update release.

Besides general improvements, internal modifications and minor bug fixes, this update includes the following significant feature that will be visible to Clinician users:

Resource Library for video content and PDF documents. Clinician users can now upload short videos (for instance, their own PT exercises or inhaler instructions) and PDFs; once stored in the resource library, this content can be utilized with activity cards in care plans; patients will then be able to view the content as scheduled by the clinician.

We are already hard at work on the next software update release, which will have several new significant features, and will post a notice when it is released.

Win Burke, President and CEO


Prehab Paves the Way for Knee Replacement at Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital

Recently the Brigham Health Hub, an online publication of Brigham & Women's Hospital, featured the use of iGetBetter as part of the Brigham & Women's Faulkner Hospital knee replacement program.

Over 1,000 patients have used customized care plans for both pre- and post-surgery care plans. Not only have patients experienced improved outcomes, but the overall cost of knee replacement has been reduced.

To read the complete article, click here.

Win Burke, President and CEO


July 2 Software Update Release

Following the recent major release to support iGetBetter Wellness, we are resuming our normal process of frequent update releases (referred to as "sprints" in Agile Methodology, which we use as our software development process). This morning we deployed a new release which contains, in addition to ongoing bug fixes, a number of new features:

On the Clinician side:

  • A counter on the “Patient Alerts” tab within the main menu (tabulates number of patients with data alerts and expiring care plans)
  • A counter on the “Manage Invitations” tab within the main menu (tabulates number of pending invitations)
  • The ability to sort patients by “assigned” clinician (prerequisite is to have assigned a clinician on the patient profile page)
  • Greater flexibility for entering phone numbers (non-US customers were previously bound to US format, which did not always fit)
  • The introduction of a third platform language, Spanish (Note: that actual care plan content remains in the language it was originally written)

 On the Patient side:

  • The functionality to be reminded of and enter missing data for the previous day
  • The introduction of a third platform language, Spanish (Note: that actual care plan content remains in the language it was originally written)

We expect to release the next "sprint" in about a month.

Win Burke, President and CEO

IGetBetter Wellness Releasing First Major Software Release in 2018

Staying ahead in the resort spa industry is dependent on constant calculated innovations.  It’s these awe-inspiring changes that keep your guest amazed and coming back for more. The same is true for IGetBetter Wellness, if we want to continue providing the best resort spa connect coaching platform. 

IGetBetter Wellness is reaping the rewards of long hours innovating our connected coaching platform and introducing the following three new features. 

Remote Guest Enrollment

On the coaches’ side, we introduced an additional option to enroll new clients, allowing our in-house enrollment feature to be completed by clients before coming to the resort or after returning home.  Coaches can now start enrolling clients in the IGB platform and email guest a link to enroll by themselves. In addition to the convenience of the at home enrollment feature, clients can now connect to supported activity tracker and digital scale vendors that they may have left home during their spa visit or purchased from you while there.

Multi-Language Support

As for improvements to your client’s experience, on top of the convenience of self-enrollment listed above, we have added German to our list of languages. Other languages like Spanish will follow shortly.

Your Branded IGetBetter Solution

On top of these two features, your company is now able to brand IGetBetter Wellness’s platform, making it appear as if everything was made in-house by your tech-team.  Your spa’s name, logo, and key words can now be applied to one of our existing color themes to match the experience you provide your guest during their visit once they arrive back home.  Our branding feature is perfect for keeping in contact with your guests while they are home.

Your guests are our priority.  IGetBetter Wellness continually strives to improve the social interactions between you and your clients.  From pre-arrival check-list and evaluations to post-visit health and wellness programs, IGetBetter Wellness is with you every step of the way.  If you have any questions regarding guest attraction, engagement, and retention, feel free to reach out to us.


Brigham & Women's Hospital: "iGetBetter: A new way to recover from knee replacement surgery"

iGetBetter, Inc. is featured on Brigham and Women's Hospital website. An excerpt is below:

It’s so much more than just giving a patient instructions and letting them figure out what to do on their own,” says Dr. Wolfgang Fitz, an orthopedic surgeon at BWFH who specializes in knee replacement surgery. “The physician can be in control of what their patient is doing and adjust as necessary. If I see that a patient is able to fulfill the minimum requirements, I can raise them to the medium level. Then, if they can do that, I can advance them even further.