iGetBetter Announces Patient Mobile App for Care Transitions

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iGetBetter Announces Patient Mobile App for Care Transitions
Web + Mobile Platform for Patients and Care Teams Poised to Help Reduce Readmissions

Boston, Mass., April 28, 2014 – iGetBetter, Inc., a supplier of post-acute care transition solutions designed to help reduce hospital readmissions, announced today at the Medical Informatics World 2014, availability of a mobile version of its flagship product designed to further engage patients in their recovery.
“The notion that a truly engaged patient is a healthier patient is being supported in our current pilots. With the rapid rise of the use of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, we’ve developed a mobile app which is making it even more convenient for patients to engage in their own care,” said Win Burke, iGetBetter’s CEO. “The iGetBetter Mobile App for Patients complements our Web-based platform designed as a post-discharge care transition solution for patients, provider teams and caregivers to improve patients’ transition from hospital to home by empowering patients to easily follow care protocols and enabling providers to avoid complications.”
The iGetBetter Mobile App for Patients features a simple user-interface and intuitive design that can be accessed on both Android and iOS devices, enabling patients to easily participate in their recovery. Via the mobile app, patients can:

  • View their daily care plan and medication and activity reminders
  • Log their progress manually or automatically via connected biometric devices
  • View and track their progress

Overview of the iGetBetter Solution
The iGetBetter solution, which is cloud-resident and requires no installation of software or involvement by IT departments, enables all of the healthcare providers in a patient’s care continuum, whether at a physician’s office, at an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), or at a supporting facility such as for physical therapy, to tightly coordinate patient care while engaging the patients themselves in their clinical journey.

Using iGetBetter’s robust solution with a clinician-friendly interface, providers can create standardized post-acute care transition plans for patients, which can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of the clinician and the individual patient. The patient follows the care plan guidelines, and is able to provide feedback by answering questions and, in many cases, automatically providing biometric data. Clinicians can monitor the progress of patients and intervene when necessary before hospital readmission occurs.

Clinicians can access the system either using a Web browser or the native iPad app iGetBetter Clinician. Patients can access the system using a Web browser and an IVR app, and now via the Mobile App for Patients.

Customizable Care Plans
The iGetBetter platform includes a pre-built library of customizable care plan templates for a variety of conditions, including congestive heart failure (CHF), coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), acute coronary syndrome (ACS), rotator cuff surgery, total knee replacement (TKA) and ACL reconstruction, all of which can be edited based on individual patient needs. Using the easy-to-use graphical Care Plan Editor, clinicians can easily edit the provided care plan templates, or build additional care plans to fit the target condition and the patient cohort. This HIPAA-compliant platform also enables inclusion of rich media instructions, ability to make medication and dosage changes, and collection of signature forms.

Pilots Underway To Help Reduce Readmissions
iGetBetter has been conducting pilots in Boston-area hospitals with CHF and TKA patients to assess the feasibility of using its solution to promote patient engagement in their own care, with the objective of reducing readmissions. The results have been very promising, and a major hospital network in the Boston area has submitted its completed study of the iGetBetter solution for publication in a medical journal as well as presentation at three national symposia.

Availability and Pricing
The iGetBetter solution and its Mobile App for patients are available immediately. Pricing is a monthly fee for patients with active care plans, and varies depending on the care plan and included biometric devices. For more information contact: info@igetbetter.com

About iGetBetter
Established in 2013, iGetBetter, Inc. develops, markets and services a Web-based care transition solution designed to help healthcare organizations reduce readmissions by remotely engaging patients in their treatments and recovery as they transition from hospital to home.  Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, the iGetBetter’s team of clinicians, technologists and health organization experts is currently conducting CHF pilots in a few Massachusetts hospitals, and is actively seeking additional pilot opportunities for post-acute care transition for patients with other conditions, including COPD, joint replacement and organ transplant. For more information, please visit www.igetbetter.com or contact info@igetbetter.com.


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