iGetBetter Provides Care Plans for CMS-mandated CJR Bundled Payment Program

iGetBetter Provides Care Plans for CMS-mandated CJR Bundled Payment Program
Includes care plans for pre-surgery conditioning, post-surgery recovery and patient reported outcomes

Sudbury, Mass., September 28, 2016 – iGetBetter, Inc., a supplier of mobile digital health solutions that provide remote outpatient engagement for better outcomes for acute episodes of care as well as chronic care and long term population health management, announced today the addition of orthopedic care plans designed to help providers participating in the CMS Comprehensive Care Joint Replacement (CJR) model.  Mandated by CMS beginning April 1, 2016 for hip and knee replacements for more than 800 hospitals in 67 Metropolitan Statistical Areas, the CJR program includes bundled payments and quality measurements, including Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs).

“Through remote patient engagement, management and monitoring, the iGetBetter system helps providers improve outcomes and meet the challenges of controlling costs and collecting PROs used in quality measurements,” said iGetBetter CEO Win Burke.

The iGetBetter system for CJR combines three important phases: pre-op conditioning, post-op monitoring and rehabilitation, and patient reported outcomes, all combined in one easy-to-use system.

Pre-Op Conditioning
Clinicians use iGetBetter to engage patients and optimally prepare them for surgery by providing PT exercise videos, monitoring pre-op joint pain levels and delivering teaching points. Additionally, clinicians can manage clinical comorbidities to maximize surgical readiness.

Post-Op Rehabilitation
Patients receive specific daily care instructions in the form of pain and wound management, physical therapy videos and questions designed to identify signs and symptoms of surgical complications. Patient compliance is markedly improved because they are able to perform their tasks at home and at their convenience.

Patient Reported Outcomes
Providers use iGetBetter to easily obtain CMS-mandated PRO’s from patients and integrate this information into your existing EHR system. Available PROs include: KOOS, HOOS, PROMIS and VR-12.


  • Pre-designed care plans and library of PT videos and instructions that can be easily customized
  • Standardization of care delivery
  • Increased patient compliance
  • Automatic deployment of answers to frequently asked questions
  • Designed to help reduce post-surgical costs

All Combined in One Easy-To-Use Out-of-the-Box Solution
The iGetBetter CJR system has been piloted by two hospitals performing total knee replacements, with excellent patient engagement and response. With improvements based on this early experience, the iGetBetter system for CJR is now available for general release. The basic set of CJR care plans can be deployed immediately, and is totally customizable by the provider institution, as well as by the individual clinicians, down to the level of the individual patient.

iGetBetter will be demonstrating its CJR system at the ICJR Transatlantic Orthopaedic Congress October 6-9 in New York City.

About iGetBetter
Established in 2013 and headquartered in Sudbury, MA., iGetBetter, Inc., a mobile digital health company, develops, markets and services a mobile, Web and cloud-based software solution designed to help healthcare organizations reduce readmissions and lower costs by remotely engaging patients in their treatments and recovery from acute episodes of care, as well as monitor and intervene with patients who have chronic conditions and are part of a population health management program.  For more information, please visit www.igetbetter.com or contact info@igetbetter.com.